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About Neptune Cannabis Co.

Neptune Cannabis Company LLC was formed under the laws of the State of California on May 6, 2021. 


Neptune is a cannabis startup which is currently in the process of acquiring a turn-key licensed cannabis dispensary in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles as its flagship location. After establishing its revolutionary retail operations, Neptune seeks to leverage its retail operations into both horizontal and vertical integrations. Neptune’s retail business plan and strategy are unique amongst cannabis dispensaries because it operates according to an efficient streamlined technology-focused approach designed to educate and engage consumers.


According to, the total projected cannabis sales for the US are expected to reach $92 billion, while California alone is expected to gain approximately $20 billion. The center of these sales for California is expected to be Los Angeles, its most populous city and home to approximately 200 licensed retail dispensaries.  However Neptune’s founders believe that none of these dispensaries have been able to successfully implement modern technological approaches to the cannabis retail experience, nor have any been able to create a brand or model that would align with large tech corporations such as Amazon or Uber who would like to enter the space upon Federal legalization. This inability of other companies to recognize the value of our approach has created a niche for Neptune to fill and use as a foothold for successful expansion of our retail brand nationwide as well as for plans for in-house cultivation, manufacture, and distribution. 


The Problem

Currently, cannabis consumers are offered a service based entirely on in-store budtender guidance and suggestion. More often than not, budtenders in current dispensaries are themselves insufficiently educated, and they usually have little incentive to engage with customers in any kind of meaningful or beneficial way. This leads to a confusing and inconsistent experience that does very little to build a base of brand-loyal repeat customers. 


Additionally, the current dispensary model requires increased costs in the hiring, training, and retention of a large number of in-store budtenders. These increased budtender costs drive down profit-margins and opportunity for growth in an already overtaxed and overregulated industry. 


The Solution

The founders of Neptune Cannabis believe that its retail model and strategy will solve the many issues plaguing the cannabis retail experience. Neptune’s success will be underpinned by an innovative and fully integrated system of proprietary technologies. Included in this system will be a “virtual budtender” app informed by hundreds of hours of in-store experience of one of the founders. We believe these technologies will not only allow for a more consistent, convenient, and confident user experience, but will also result in saved costs, higher profit margins for investors, as well as greater opportunity for expansion and vertical integration.

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